Manufacturing is the heart of our business and reputation.

We are always upgrading our production technology and processes, maintaining state-of-the-art factories that meet the highest technical standards. We produce stones ranging from rounds & fancy shapes(0.15 points to 10 carats), as well as a wide variety of fancy color diamonds.

Mostly whenever we sell any diamonds its been never returned by our customers but sometimes if in case any of them wants to return because of any reason we also provide a facility of returning the stone and also we refund their money back.

Our good reputation and the simple pursuit of excellence has won us many accolades Thanks to our longstanding patrons as it gives our team inspiration  and motivation to please our client evermore in this relentless journey of delight.

Partners of our company have established a number of platforms for polished diamond trading and rough sourcing. He is also active in a number of high-tech companies, some of which are involved in the diamond trade